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Massachusetts Partnership for Youth in Employment (MPYE) Resource Map

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Our staff members can provide you with an overall view of your career search, help you develop a focus and get a real sense of your job seeking options. They are trained to:

  • Direct you to the Career Centers resources that can best serve your job search needs including workshops, on-site recruitments and use our resource rooms
  • Job develop with you
  • Job match your skills with our extensive listing of job openings throughout the state
  • Locate gaps in your current skills that may be keeping you from getting the job you want
  • Identify your transferable skills
  • Guide you towards programs and training providers who offer the kinds of skills training you may need
  • Determine your eligibility for training funds
  • Give you information on various funding sources for training
  • Refer you to local services agencies for other forms of assistance, if necessary.

Resource Areas:

Access to Internet job search sites, nationwide computerized job bank, self-directed PC based software applications for resume development, labor market information, career exploration materials, assessments, and other employment related services such as fax, phones, and photocopying.


Assistive Technology:

  • Accessible Workstations - Each location has workstations available to our customers equipped with the following assistive technologies:

    • Height-adjustable computer desks

    • JAWS Software:  a complete "screen reader" for users who are blind or visually impaired

    • Zoom Text Software: magnifies the computer

    • Open Book Software: converts scanned text into computer documents that are read aloud with a speech synthesizer

    • Adaptive Mouse Controllers

    • Dragon NaturallySpeaking:  voice recognition software used in place of typing

    It is expected that users of these accessible workstations be familiar with the use of this assistive technology.  Community referrals for assistive technology training are available.


    Additional Assistive Technology:

    • Assistive Listening Devices:  FM Loop System and Pocket Talkers are available to assist job seekers with hearing impairments during workshops.

    • "Closed circuit television" magnifies hardcopy documents for persons with visual impairments


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